Maximize your media budget for less

Acquire more valuable customers. Understand your marketing impact. Unlock unrivaled first-party data activation and measurement.

Renting third-party data yields third-tier results

Legacy onboarders are inefficient and costly

Data often takes weeks to land, and by then, it runs the risk of being based on poor signals and low fidelity.

Broad audiences are a quantity play, but not a quality investment

Adopting a spray and pray method attracts customers who don’t necessarily convert, generating a larger list at the expense of precision.

Lack of transparency keeps you in the dark on ad performance

Without timely access to complete data, you can't measure marketing impact which hinders decision making and real-time optimization.

Owning their customer data gives Amperity users a competitive advantage

DICK'S Sporting Goods discovered 100k new gold-tier loyalty customers
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts reduced wasted media spend by 35%
First Hawaiian Bank saw 92% faster activation using direct connect
Brooks Running boosted ROAS by 128%

Own your customer data

Uncover revenue drivers for each customer. Use AI/ML to quickly connect offline and online interactions, creating the most accurate customer identities with the highest data fidelity across media platforms.

Dashboard showing First-Party Ad Graph, including a stitch graph of "Brandon Calderon" with High Match results in green.
Amperity view of Segment titled "Millennial Shoppers" showing comparison against all customers.

Lower customer acquisition cost

Gain more top customers without paying top dollar. Easily generate lookalike seeds of your best customers with ready-to-use predictive models and propensity scores.

Connect with more customers

Reach the customers you want in half the time. Automatically deliver high-quality, up-to-date matching data across each ad network using direct ad connectors.

Amperity platform showing a Data Explorer titled C360/UID2 with a table view of Amperity_ID, Email, and UID2_RAW.
Amperity platform view report titled "Ad Performance Dashboard", including a modal that prompts user to Add a Destination titled "The Trade Desk Conversions."

Measure media’s total impact

Maximize your media spend across audiences and ad platforms in real time. Our measurement dashboards offer a hyper-granular look at every customer segment so you can truly understand the online and offline impact of your digital advertising.  

“With the imminent deprecation of cookies, Wyndham is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative tools that help us better understand our guests and empower our media strategy… The visibility [Amperity] will provide into our first-party audiences will be invaluable.”

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