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Amplify 2020 Summit: Bringing Customer Data and Community to Life

November 11, 2020

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Amperity’s annual summit is a day for us to come together with our customers, partners, and friends. It’s a day of community, a day of teaching and learning. Our CEO, Kabir Shahani, genuinely means it when he says it’s his favorite day of the year.

This year was going to be extra special, coming shortly after the launch of our new Amperity 3.0 platform, with our summit rebranded as Amplify. We couldn’t wait.

But… you know. 2020.

So instead of sitting elbow to elbow then unwinding together at the bar, we met in virtual space and raised a glass on videochat.

What didn’t change were the dynamic customer stories and conversations. If anything, these were even more inspiring than usual, given the challenges consumer businesses faced this year.

There were two major components to the program: discussions with customers around how they’re making the most of their data with Amperity, and a celebration of the role community plays in our business. Let’s recap some of the highlights (including some great illustrations by an artist live-drawing the event to capture the vibe).

MGM Resorts on AmpID: Unlocking Siloed Data to Drive Engagement Throughout the Customer Journey

Prakash Ranjan, VP of Marketing Technology at MGM Resorts shared with us what his enterprise can do now that they’re able to connect all their data in one place and know that they can trust it.

Things like messaging and marketing to guests during their stay instead of missing the opportunity due to delays in wrangling data; welcome emails with tailored recommendations of things to do at MGM properties instead of bursting with too many options to process; and being able to assign accurate value tiers to customers so the team can provide the right kinds of experiences that encourage guests to engage more.

“Being able to trust our data set and have it available within an hour,” said Prakash, “I just think that’s the coolest. That just changed our world.”

Unlocking Siloed Data to Drive Engagement throughout the Customer Story

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts on Amp360: Building a Customer Data Foundation to Fuel Growth

We heard Danielle Harvey, VP of Digital & Customer Intelligence at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, explain all about how Amperity fits into their ongoing digital transformation initiative.

They had a clear view of loyalty members across their twenty hotel brands and 9000 properties, but wanted to power-up their customer data operation so that they could connect with their customers who weren’t loyalty members. With Amperity, not only were they able to achieve this, but they increased the effectiveness of how they used customer data across the board.

Danielle told us about how her team was seeing expanded audiences, dramatic increases in return on ad investment thanks to improved segmentation and targeting, and better understanding of how customers are engaging with their brands. “Our day-to-day has changed dramatically since we’ve implemented Amperity’s Customer 360,” she said. “In marketing, in analyzing effectiveness, we’re able to drive that with strategy and evaluate the success of it very quickly.”

(See some of Danielle’s remarks here.)

Building a Customer Data Foundation to fuel growth

Saje Natural Wellness on AmpIQ: The A-ha Customer Moments of a Data-Driven Business Strategy

A conversation with Janelle Shiplett, VP of Digital & Marketing at Saje Natural Wellness, highlighted how drawing on customer data revolutionized the way they understood their relationship with their customers.

Being able to see the numbers of how their customers engaged with their brand unlocked their ability to plan around retention, purchase frequency, rising or falling engagement — in short, it let them set their strategy around actual customer behavior. They’ve also found AmpIQ’s predictive capabilities key for forecasting and personalization.

It was great to hear Janelle talk about how they view their customers as a community and how Amperity was helping them weave the fabric of that community.

The A-HA Customer moments

And Speaking of Community

At Amperity we draw inspiration from several communities: our coworkers, our customers, our partners, and the places we live. Though the physical communities didn’t factor in as much at this year’s summit, the connections between the others were on full display in the attendee list and the chatbox.

We had Amperity employees shouting out to the attendees they work with; customer attendees asking questions and offering tips from their own experiences; and highly efficient chat-networking where Amperity’s users asked “Hey anyone else dealing with XYZ challenge?” and other users chiming in to say “Yeah let’s hook up and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Spotlight videos featuring Ampers let us share what community means to us, and one crowd-favorite from this segment asked Amperity kids and pets what the company is all about.

We also had the pleasure of launching the Customer Data Professionals Alliance, a forum for industry leaders and aspirants to define the future of customer data in business through discussions, events, and mentorships. Check it out here.

The Power of Community

The event ended with virtual networking breakout rooms, which we know can be tough so we spiced it up with coordinated wine tastings and a spirited session that can best be described as musical shenanigans.

We are so thankful for everyone who came out to be a part of this event, and we can’t wait to do it again next year — fingers crossed for in-person!

We’ll leave you with this last image that visualizes remarks by Amperity CEO Kabir Shahani giving a sense of our company vision. We hope to see you at Amplify 2021, if not sooner.

Amplify Summit 2020

You can see the full segments of discussions with our customers here.