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Using Customer Data Across the Enterprise

The potential when every team is using customer data, the challenges that can get in the way, and the capabilities that make it possible.

First hawaiian bank

Case Study

First Hawaiian Bank: Innovating advertising for faster, smarter campaigns

First Hawaiian bank is using first-party data to make paid media work better.

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Solution Brief

Elevating Loyalty

Explore four use cases for powering up your loyalty program using unified customer data.

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Solution Brief

Paid Media Optimization

Learn how Amperity dramatically increases the return on your paid media spend in this solution brief.

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Leveling Up Your Loyalty Program with a Customer Data Platform

A unified view that gives a clear understanding of customer preferences and history helps grow loyalty and boost revenue.

On-demand Webinar

Data Science for Marketing: Brooks Running & Predictive Analytics

Learn how Brooks Running is using predictive analytics to streamline processes and personalize messaging across channels to maximize marketing programs.

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The Epic Return of Retail and the Journey Ahead

Get the scoop on the opportunities marketers have to understand and serve their consumers by leveraging AI to get a comprehensive customer 360 view.

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The Marketer's Journey: How to Target the Right Audience by Unifying Customer Data

Amperity CMO Megan McDonagh was interviewed on The Marketer's Journey podcast.

Featuring Azure, Microsoft Advertising, and Accenture.

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How Retail Marketers Can Acquire More Customers for Less with 1st-Party Data

Watch to learn how we help increase ROAS by fueling AdTech platforms with the largest surface area of data to match against.

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Retail Media Rundown: The Keys to Unlock Success Across Retailers

The fundamentals of Retail Media, its evolution, and how it has become a game-changer for the industry.



Transforming Customer Acquisition With AI: First-Party Data Is Key

Digital advertising faces challenges due to reduced third-party signals, but marketing leaders can harness AI to use first-party data for better results.

Third Party Audiences


Winning the New Ad Ecosystem with Amperity for Paid Media

Digital advertising is broken — but there’s a new way to make it work.

The future of digital advertising // Amperity for Paid Media


Changing the Game with Amperity for Paid Media

The future of digital advertising is here, and Amperity is your guide.