Front cover of the Forrester Total Economic Impact study for Amperity, showing a 505% ROI.
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Amperity's Total Economic Impact™ is 505% ROI

Forrester's TEI of the Amperity Customer Data Platform drives 505% ROI, enhancing marketing results through precise audience targeting and cost savings.

hero image of Amperity CEO Barry Padgett on the Retail Podcast


Data Unification: Retail's New Power Play

In a fascinating interview at NRF 2024, Barry Padgett, CEO of Amperity, sheds light on the burgeoning role of data unification in the retail sector.

Seven steps to unlocking value from customer data


7 Steps to Unlocking Value from Customer Data

Let your customer data guide you to new frontiers.

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Unleash the Potential of AI and Elevate Customer-Centric Marketing

The potential transformative impact of AI on customer-centric marketing, and what it takes to make it work. 

Image displaying guide: Using Customer Data Across the Enterprise.


2024 Guide to Using Customer Data Across the Enterprise

Learn more about the potential when every team is using customer data, the challenges that can get in the way, and the capabilities that make it possible.

Audience strategy starts with high-value customers...


Expert Angles: High-value Customer Strategy

How to use what you know about your best customers to elevate your business.

Cover image of the guide Amperity Request for Proposal (RFP) Guide


Request for Proposal Guide

Amperity's RFP Guide provides you a strong framework for your CDP search and comes with a turnkey RFP template with sample questions to ask CDP providers.

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Forrester Now Tech Customer Data Platforms Analysis

Amperity included in Forrester Now Tech Customer Data Platforms Analysis

Image of document titled "The Modern Customer 360: Access for All to Complete Customer Profiles"

Product Brief

Amp360: Create the Modern Customer 360

Learn how Amp360 builds a comprehensive database with insight-rich views of all your customers in this quick guide.

Image of document titled "AI-Powered Customer Identity Resolution & Management"

Product Brief

AmpID: AI-Powered Identity Resolution

Learn how AmpID uses artificial intelligence to accurately resolve customer identities, the first step in using customer data.

Image of document titled "DataGrid: Connected Customer Data Infrastructure"

Product Brief

DataGrid: Customer Data Infrastructure

Find out more about how DataGrid powers all of Amperity's products to make every aspect of your customer data management faster and more flexible.

Image of document titled "AmpIQ: The Hub for Customer Intelligence and Activation"

Product Brief

AmpIQ: The Customer Intelligence and Activation Hub

Learn more about how AmpIQ uses smart segmentation to power personalization at scale.

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Using SMS & First-Party Data to Maximize Holiday Revenue

Learn how to use first-party data with your SMS campaigns to turn first-time holiday buyers into your most valuable customer.