Front cover of the Forrester Total Economic Impact study for Amperity, showing a 505% ROI.
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Amperity's Total Economic Impact™ is 505% ROI

Forrester's TEI of the Amperity Customer Data Platform drives 505% ROI, enhancing marketing results through precise audience targeting and cost savings.

Brian Knollenberg, SVP Marketing, BECU


Amplify: Using Amperity CDP to Build the Customer 360 of Your Dreams

See how BECU built a best-in-class Customer 360 to automate customer lifecycle touchpoints.

Melanie Allen, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Brooks Running


Amplify: Unified Customer View Impact for Brooks Running

See how putting data at the heart of the business drove a customer-centric transformation at Brooks Running

Alex Barocas, Partner and Associate Director, Personalization & Digital Marketing, BCG


Amplify: Enabling Growth Through a Modern TechStack

BCG's Alex Barocas discusses the trends in enterprise tech stacks and how effectively deploying a CDP is crucial for a data-driven marketing program.

Amplify logo with François photo


Amplify: Getting Measurable ROI on Your CDP Investment

François Ascani at First Hawaiian Bank shares how data scientists use Amperity to dig into data and find value in unexpected places.

Amplify logo with Jack


Amplify: Customer Insights to Fuel Your Multi-Brand Strategy with Advanced Analytics

Jack Bush, Global Consumer Analytics leader at Deckers Brands highlights his team's work to drive better business-decisions using first-party data.

Featuring Amperity


Amplify 2023 Welcome

CEO Barry Padgett shares Amperity’s vision, a tour through the business uses made better by a unified customer profile, and a metaphor about outlets.

Featuring Vail Resorts


Amplify: Three Pillars of a Successful ROI Strategy

Discover how Vail Resorts is innovating with customer data in teams across their business.

Featuring Amperity & Databricks


Amplify: Putting Together a Composable CDP Faster and More Easily

We talked with Databricks about what’s needed to put together Customer Data Platform capabilities that actually work.

Featuring Taco Bell and AWS


Amplify: From Zero to Loyalty: The Path to Truly Knowing Your Customers

Hear how Taco Bell worked with AWS and Amperity to bring customer data into a historically offline business.

Featuring Patagonia, Citizen Watch, and Vince


Amplify: Powering Marketing & Analytics with a Customer Data Foundation

Leaders from Patagonia, Citizen Watch, and Vince discuss tactics for using customer data to drive an omnichannel strategy.

Featuring Reckitt


Amplify: Best Practices for Deploying a CDP at a Global Scale

Hear how the global CPG firm Reckitt managed a shift in customer data practices across regions.

Featuring Deloitte Digital


Amplify: The Future of Customer Data: Why moving from a DMP to a CDP and Data Clean Room is the only Path Forward

David Chan of Deloitte Digital explains the shift in usefulness of tech tools and the different ways organizations can adapt.