Amperity Customer Data Platform

Turn messy customer data into value

See through the customer data mess (1:16)
Platform Overview
Data flowing into an identity resolution cluster

Create a unified view

Identify and understand your customers with a holistic view of their brand interactions.

Database with input from Marketing, IT, and Analytics

Usable for everyone

Accelerate time to value by giving teams in Marketing, Analytics, IT and more access to the data they need.

Circle chart signaling increase in loyalty, CLV, and retention, and a decrease in acquisition cost.

Fuel your stack

Trusted, reliable customer data source that connects to all your marketing and technology investments.

Diagram of raw messy data flowing into to an identity resolution graph, into a database, and translating to benefits in business value: increase in CLV, retention, and loyalty, and a decrease in acquisition cost.

“All of our data was locked up before Amperity and I needed a modern and adaptable data infrastructure framework that could feed my marketing. The only thing that matters in marketing is relevancy and the only thing that can power relevancy is data.”

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High-performance data ingestion engine

  • Ingest raw data in any format, with easy adjustment of data sources and no rigid ETLs

  • Enterprise grade performance, securely handling billions of interactions a day

  • Real-time ingestion and enrichment, so customer profiles are always fresh and powering the most relevant experiences

Multi-patented method for unifying customer profiles

  • Identity resolution using artificial intelligence and machine learning connects the dots with high accuracy and full transparency at massive scale

  • Detailed profiles with out-of-the-box and custom attributes collecting a customer’s whole history with the brand

  • Unified profiles are flexible and resilient, seamlessly incorporating new data to give you the most up-to-date view

Easy access, better collaboration

  • Lightning-fast SQL interface for experts and point-and-click tools for non-technical users means everyone is working from the same source of truth

  • Governance controls and PII redaction keep your business on the right side of privacy regulations

  • 200+ built-in connectors means that Amperity works with the tools and ecosystem you’ve chosen, from marketing clouds to BI platforms to adtech partners

Customer intelligence to drive decisions

Charts showing various information about a segment - predicted lifetime value, revenue by historical lifetime spend, product affinity, active purchase trend

Access segment insights in seconds

Customizable dashboards for key metrics like average revenue per customer, average number of orders per year, and more.

A table containing the predicted revenue per customer for two segments,  high value customers and regular customers

Find and retain top customers with predictive insights

Apply predicted customer lifetime value, propensity to churn, or product affinity to inform how you engage customers.

A table showing 10% of traffic being sent to the control group and 90% being sent to a high-value group

Test across channels and find what’s working

Run control groups against custom segments and view campaign results to find the most effective channels and messages across audiences.

Built-in connectors to the systems that run your business

Graphic showing Amperity integrations: AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Facebook, and more.

Paid Media Activation

Connect unified customer data directly to leading advertising platforms and publishers like Facebook, Google Ads, Throtle, and more to improve targeting and power personalization.

Customer Care

Sync relevant customer data into systems like Zendesk so customer care teams can provide superior service and go beyond just addressing queries to build the customer relationship.

Analytics & BI

Seamlessly pipe customer data into your business intelligence tools of choice, without needing to set up each source separately and join, normalize, or format the data.


Use our loyalty propensity model and predictive customer lifetime value algorithms with platforms like Brightloom, Braze, and Persado to personalize messaging and offers that drive loyalty program results.

End-to-end capabilities to make the most of first-party data

Data Ingestion & Management


Raw customer data ingestion from any source, in its complete and native format, no ETL or schema mapping necessary, saving months of integration time


Configure end-to-end data processing configurations to run on a defined schedule


Easily test adding data sources, feeds, and destinations without touching live environments

Unified Customer View


An easy-to-read dashboard of your customer record deduplication and resolution activities

Customer 360

Holistic databases configured for the full spectrum of use cases for customer-centric analytics, marketing, customer support, and compliance


Create and manage multiple views of your Customer 360 database, based on use case and user access preferences

Insights & Analytics


Out-of-the-box predictive models, segments, and personas engineered to improve CLV, with a point-and-click interface to easily create and explore custom segments


Platform-generated insights at the customer and segment level, including brand and channel behaviors, product preferences, revenue sizing and recommended actions


Robust SQL query engine and visual UI providing real-time access and insights across your entire customer base



Flexible framework to automate and syndicate data to hundreds of leading tools and channels for marketing, customer experience, advertising, and attribution


Drag-and-drop UI to activate segments in cross-channel campaigns, helping you optimize channel mix, drive improved experiences and improve ROI

Results that drive real value

Increased conversion rate at Alaska Airlines
Increased return on ad spend at Brooks Running
Increased conversion on generated leads at Servco
Increased conversion rate at Wyndham Hotels