June 4, 2024 | 2 min read

Another Market Shift Toward the Lakehouse CDP

Snowflake is the latest data platform moving toward Lakehouse architecture and open data-sharing formats.

A vibrant neon motorboat speeds through the data waves beside a Data Lakehouse, symbolizing upbeat momentum for the Lakehouse space.

Almost every week there are new signals in the market that open sharing in Data Lakehouses is on the rise. The latest evidence is Snowflake’s announcement of their Polaris Catalog with support for Iceberg Tables, another clear sign that the broader data warehouse ecosystem is quickly adopting data sharing. 

Allowing users to freely share data among infrastructure and apps in their stack is a change for Snowflake, which has historically operated exclusively on its own storage. 

It’s also one more indication of how the customer data space is evolving. Since Databricks debuted the first Lakehouse architecture and adopted Delta Sharing to pioneer data flow without replication, the Delta Sharing ecosystem has continued to explode, with more and more applications able to use it. 

It’s clear that for Data Lakehouses and open data sharing, the future’s looking bright. 

The Lakehouse CDP: Data quality & governance across the stack

Three weeks ago we made our own mark on the emerging landscape with the launch of Amperity Bridge and the Lakehouse CDP. When users plug Amperity directly into their Lakehouse, they get access to live data no matter where it’s located, improving data quality and governance across the stack. 

Amperity Bridge allows users to seamlessly unite storage for their Data Lakehouse and Amperity accounts, no data replication needed. This makes it so much easier for data teams to enrich and manage customer data and for marketing teams to access and activate the data. 

Our customers can see it too — Bridge has become one of the fastest adopted features in Amperity history. Users are setting up Bridge links for Delta Sharing in minutes with Databricks and other apps, and we’re ready to support organizations who select Iceberg and Polaris Catalog as well.

It’s a Lakehouse party and you’re invited

Snowflake’s announcement means they’re joining other infrastructure companies investing in and innovating on Lakehouse features:

We are also seeing a ton of momentum from application companies:

At this point every major player in the Data Warehouse space other than Redshift has launched or announced Lakehouse features, as have the biggest application players in the space.

It’s the right direction for customer data technology, making data easier to manage and more effective to use. 

Plus, it all just sounds delightful – hanging at the lakehouse and sharing. See you there!

Learn more about how the Amperity Lakehouse CDP makes your customer data easier to manage and more effective to use.

*****UPDATE***** Momentum keeps building — Databricks just announced their acquisition of Tabular. This means data teams will have the option of working with both Delta Tables and Iceberg Tables, increasing flexibility and interoperability across the stack. As this comes online, it will be important for data tools to be able to accommodate either format (which Amperity does).