Bring in all your data, from any source, in any format.

Amperity connects all your customer data to create a comprehensive data asset for analysis and activation, without any of the headaches.

Integrate customer data from anywhere

Hundreds of connectors pull all your customer data from any source — online, offline, historical, streaming, and more.

Zero-hassle, schema-free ingestion

Ingest raw data in any format, without spending months on costly and tedious schema-mapping or ETL.

Leading performance and security

Processing massive data volume at astonishing speed while preserving privacy and regulatory compliance.

Customer profiles based on all the data

With smooth, speedy ingestion from any source, profiles are comprehensive and stay up to date with the freshest data.

“We almost couldn't believe it — the time that it took us to deduplicate information compared to what Amperity did.”

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Manage your data with more efficiency and less stress

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Sandboxes to make changes with confidence

Built-in parallel environments let you safely test and implement changes to any part of your data foundation, including adding sources or changing your data model, with zero downtime and easy rollback.

Cloud-native on AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake

Amperity seamlessly supports any of the major cloud computing and data warehouse environments. This means that your data is natively ready for any downstream workflows, reducing the amount of setup needed and speeding time to value.

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Stable universal IDs, no matter how data evolves

Customers change as they go through life, and their data changes with them, from new email addresses to shifting buying patterns. Amperity incorporates any new data, no matter where it comes from, refreshing profiles so they’re always reliable.

Common-sense privacy, enterprise-grade security

Badges of our security credentials - SOC2, GDPR, CCPA, SSO Integrated, HIPAA, Full Audit Transparency

Protecting your and your customers’ data is at the core of Amperity’s DNA. Beyond SOC2, HIPAA compliance, and smooth facilitation of CCPA and GDPR compliance, we also provide full transparency on data audits. Data security, integrity and accessibility are built in to how we operate.