Your Salesforce campaigns are landing and you're using customer data to drive experiences —but your results could be even better.

Amperity will fuel your marketing cloud with comprehensive, accurate, and accessible customer data so you can expand your audience and unlock more sophisticated use cases. It's time to maximize your Salesforce investment with the best unified customer profiles you can get.

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"Amperity talks to Salesforce marketing cloud all the time, they're good friends. I think of Amperity as the hub of the brain that’s sending out all of this information to our execution or analysis channels."

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Amperity creates a strong data foundation for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Create unified customer profiles

Amperity's multi-patented identity resolution provides best-in-class accuracy, transparency, and accessibility to customer profiles that include all your customer data, regardless of where it's stored or what format it's in.

Expand reachable audiences fast

Go beyond the Salesforce ecosystem and incorporate new customer data sources as they are created, then get to using them right away with AI-powered, no-ETL ingest that turns your raw data into powerful insights.

Better input for better output

Strong identity resolution and broader datasets make profiles that are more trustworthy. Amperity's predictive analytics then use profiles to form rich segments for customer engagement and use cases across your organization.

Tableau dashboarding made easy

Our Business Intelligence Connect feature syncs your customer data to power incredible Tableau dashboards, making insights more accessible and saving Analytics teams hours of work.

See how our customers use Salesforce with Amperity

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See how Brian Knollenberg's team uses Amperity & Salesforce to build automated lifecycle-based marketing campaigns.

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See how Tausif Islam and his analytics team at Servco use Amperity & Salesforce to build a data-centric organization with customer journey reporting in Tableau.

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