Amperity Customer Data Management

Amperity Customer Data Management

Amperity Customer Data Management

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Amperity was Built for Customer Identity Resolution

Amperity has invented a new way to solve the most critical aspect of managing customer data: identity resolution. Designed to resolve identities across all your existing systems (even when there are no unique identifiers), Amperity uses AI and cloud-scale to uncover hidden connections in your data. This unlocks – for the first time – a complete and unified view of your customer that is continually updated and delivered to all of your systems. This unlocks the full capability of your marketing, customer experience, and analytics platforms, and the teams that use them.

“Identity resolution lies at the heart of customer-centric marketing and makes or breaks a CDP’s legitimacy and effectiveness.”

For B2C Marketers, Customer Data Platforms Overpromise And Underdeliver

Intelligent Ingestion is Fast, Easy, and Flexible

Intelligent Ingestion accelerates and simplifies data integration by ingesting data raw, in its native format. This means our customers are only responsible for providing data access and can skip the costly work of transforming and cleaning data to conform to a fixed schema. To put it simply, while other approaches require you to shape your data to their systems, we shape Amperity to your data. Intelligent Ingestion is 85% faster than traditional approaches and results in 80% productivity improvements for ongoing customer data management.

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Get up and running in weeks


No ETL, schema mapping, or data pre-processing


Ingest data from anywhere and easily add sources

Machine learning-powered identity resolution

Data doesn’t neatly fit together. Your systems weren’t built to integrate with one another. Many sources lack linking keys. For most brands, this means a lot of data goes unused. Amperity provides an entirely new approach to identity resolution that leverages machine learning and the power of the cloud, to build the most complete customer profiles possible.

Understand intelligent identity resolution


The only platform built to unify data that lacks linking keys


Complete customer profiles using all your customer data


Identity resolution that learns from your data and gets better over time

Custom attributes, segments, and tables

Amperity lets you customize the shape of your data for any system or any use case, creating a diverse set of segments, tables, and databases. We enrich all your customer profiles with powerful custom attributes like lifetime value and RFM. And our easy-to-use interface gives you direct access to your data so you can explore, create segments, and fuel all your systems with the data they need.

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Customize the shape of your data for your systems and use cases


Enhance all your customer profiles with custom attributes using all your data


Use SQL or Visual Editors to segment data and send it wherever you need

Designed for rapid iteration and enterprise scale

Customer data, systems, and use cases are constantly in flux. Even the most perfectly planned system will quickly become outdated as new technologies come online. We built Amperity for the flexibility you need to keep pace with a rapidly changing world, scaling as you grow, and allowing you to iterate as you learn, develop, and evolve.

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Easily connect new systems or disconnect old ones (while keeping their data)


Scale to the size of your data now and as you grow


Keep pace with a rapidly changing world

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Connect all of your customer data, unleash the potential of your teams, and supercharge your marketing, analytics, and CX.

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