Unlock your data with Amperity's Intelligent Customer Data Platform

Using advanced machine learning and massive computing power, Amperity is revolutionizing customer data unification and usability for the enterprise.

How the Amperity Platform Works


Data ingestion from any source

Amperity ingests raw data from any source, with no prior ETL or schema mapping


Machine learning-powered identity resolution

Using advanced machine learning and massive computing power, Amperity resolves identities and forms complete customer profiles


Multiple databases

Amperity leverages a probabilistic data foundation to create multiple databases, each optimized for unique marketing and analytics requirements


Visual and SQL segment editors

A marketer-facing visual segment editor and a powerful SQL segment editor gives you the power and flexibility to directly explore and use your data


Send data to any destination

Send segments and databases to any team, application or data warehouse on a one time or recurring basis


Continuous updates

Complete customer profiles, segments, and databases are continuously and automatically updated

Complete customer data

Amperity ingests raw data from your customer data sources, including loyalty databases, clickstream, point of sale, eCommerce, CRM, and all other technologies that contain valuable customer information.

  • No prior ETL or schema mapping
  • Easily onboard legacy technologies
  • Easily add new sources

Use data where you want

Send customer data to any destination, including AdTech, MarTech, and analytics applications, so data is never trapped within a single system and can supercharge all your campaigns, customer interactions, and analyses.

  • Supercharge customer initiatives with complete data
  • Leave workflows intact
  • Easily connect any new applications

Machine learning-powered identity resolution

Amperity uses advanced machine learning and massive computing power to resolve identities, with each model refined and customized to ensure the best match quality for your data. Amperity surpasses deterministic and fuzzy matching for unparalleled match rates.

  • Probabilistic matching
  • Stitch trillions of entries
  • The most complete customer profiles possible

Direct actionability for marketers & analysts

Built from the ground up for marketers and analysts, Amperity lets you directly explore, segment, download, and activate customer data using a marketer-facing visual interface or a powerful SQL based editor designed for the analyst.

  • Visual and SQL Segment Editors
  • Directly send data to any destination
  • Full database exports

Seriously fast

The Amperity platform is designed for speed. From raw data ingestion and machine learning-powered identity resolution to the marketing-facing segment editor, Amperity reduces the time to value from months or years to just a few weeks.

  • Attributable ROI in weeks
  • Continuously updated
  • Raw data ingestion

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Why Amperity?

Our customers improve acquisition and retention marketing, customer analytics, and more, and they do it in only a few weeks.

Our Product Philosophy

You own your data

Your data is yours so it should always be your choice how you use and invest it. We will never trap or impede access to your data.

Reduced friction

Customer data is what allows you to understand and reach your customers in meaningful ways, so Amperity makes it as easy as possible to use it.

You're in the driver's seat

We believe marketers and analysts should be in the driver's seat so they can move quickly, be creative, and bring their own best ideas to life.

Unaltered workflows

Amperity is built to seamlessly connect to any of your destinations so you don't have to alter your existing campaigns or workflows.

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