The Amperity Difference

Enterprise grade

The scale, speed, and security for global consumer brands.

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Enterprise-grade scale

Amperity crunches 1 trillion+ data points annually

Customer 360 is only great when it includes ALL of your customer data without latency or quality issues. Amperity quickly ingests daily, global transactions for some of the world's largest consumer brands.

3 billion+ customers served daily using Amperity profiles

Data pulled from Amperity CDP hydrates and orchestrates billions of customer interactions daily.

"We now have thousands of views per month across our group of stakeholders which translates into thousands of different decisions being made."

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Jack Bush Sr. Analyst Consumer Data, Deckers Brands

Enterprise-grade security & governance

  • Flexible access and permissions across specific users, teams, brands, and countries

  • Built-in audit trails

  • Supports GDPR and CCPA compliance

  • SSO integrated

  • SOC II certified

  • HIPAA Compliant

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Image of 5 badges for various certificates and security features including AICPA SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, SSO Integrated, and Full Audit Transparency.

Enterprise-grade speed

Web Why Enterprise Speed

Get immediate answers to your most minute questions

Amperity hands you a solution with hundreds of pre-built attributes and predictive analytics to get you moving fast.

Run massive queries in milliseconds

Massive databases are no match for Amperity’s speed. Amperity CDP responds to massive queries returning over 50 million results in milliseconds.

Real-time data streaming

Enrich event data with customer intelligence for real-time personalization and customer experiences.

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