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The One Thing You Need for All Your Tech Tools (Including AI) to Actually Work

October 19, 2023

Unified customer data + tech ecosystem = everything works better

Tools are only as good as the data you feed them.

Think about your marketing strategy and all the tech solutions that bring it to life: tools to send emails, to customize websites, to analyze customer behavior, to build audiences, even exciting new AI tools that promise to unlock new levels of personalization at scale.

Every single one of these tools requires quality data inputs to work properly. Without that, you’re paying to send people ads for things they just bought, you’re making them wait on a service call while you dig up a transaction record, you’re committing resources to audiences that don’t convert. 

And if you’re training generative AI tools to personalize content and experiences but the data input is inaccurate then you’re just creating a greater volume of misplaced marketing. Feeding your tools with junk data is like buying a Lamborghini and filling the tank with kerosene. 

After decades of digital marketing, the specter of garbage-in, garbage-out still looms as large as ever. To put it bluntly, nothing else in your technology stack matters unless you solve this foundational problem.

Quality customer data is unified customer data

When I talk about quality data to power your marketing and analytics tools and initiatives, I mean customer profiles that are accurate, up-to-date, and reflective of a customer’s whole history with the brand. 

Creating that quality data asset means unifying all the different bits of data about a person, and that’s no small task. People are complex, and in consumer business we interact with customers in multiple different ways. The complexity of customer data combined with the various methods and channels where they engage makes for a lot of chances to get their information wrong. 

And on top of that, certain elements critical to building a complete profile, like transaction history or offline sales, can’t be incorporated by a lot of the Customer Data Platforms out there, because they don’t have a real solution for unifying data.

There are lots of chances to mess up building a complete customer profile

Unless you’re able to unify all this data into a single, clean profile, the rest of your tools are operating off inaccurate information. You can’t personalize effectively, you can’t find people when trying to reach them in advertising environments, and teams can’t trust the data.

Whereas if you do get this right, you get an accurate, comprehensive customer profile that you can feed into any of the systems that let you do business with your customers. Things work better and drive more value.

Everything needs unified customer data to work

To make your tools and tech investments produce the value you bought them for, you cannot operate without that core asset of high-quality unified data. Once you have that, you need an efficient means of getting it to all the places it needs to be. 

Amperity offers both. We create a unified view of the customer with the accuracy and comprehensiveness that no one else has been able to achieve, and we have seamless connectors to all the leading tools that brands rely on to run their business.

Unified customer data makes everything work better

There’s a whole ecosystem of tools and solutions to power next-level marketing and analytics, and everyone has their part to play: Data Warehouses, data lakes, and lake-houses; marketing clouds and journey builders; analytics platforms and data visualizers; email platforms and SMS tools and website personalizers — all these point solutions have their expertise, and Amperity is the platform for powering them with the highest quality data.

It’s a perfect symbiosis. We’re the only ones who have solved the hardest problem of unifying the data, which lets us help all the other tools do their job better — and that gets more value for you. 

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