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Personalization at Scale

Real-time, one-to-one personalization now

Personalization is one of the most powerful methods brands have to achieve their goals — it defines the experience of the brand in the eyes of customers and drives the underlying economics of the business. Personalization at scale takes it to another level, creating memorable moments throughout the whole customer lifecycle, for millions of customers.

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Why it's hard: enterprises need a collection of capabilities to power true personalization


Unlocking data from silos

Personalization requires putting into play all the data your customers have shared with you — digital touchpoints, transactions, customer service, point of sale records, etc. — but this is usually stored in different locations, with no common linking key.


Undefined customer cohorts

Lack of unified customer view due to data in silos leads to uncertainty about which are the highest priority segments and where the best opportunities are, which in turn leads to disjointed experiences across channels.


Lack of personalization expertise

Personalization and Journey Orchestration are still relatively new concepts consumer marketing — many organizations don't know where to start or how to maximize their efforts when building out these capabilities.


Poor touchpoint efficiency

Lots of ad dollars are wasted by targeting the wrong customers, like those who already purchased or those who don't need additional advertising to convert.

The Amperity approach to personalization

Customers expect personalization, and brands that stick to the the old ways of marketing around products or channels risk losing their most valuable customers.

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Customer segments & opportunities at your fingertips

Amperity delivers out of the box segments, enterprise tools for Analysts to query and create in SQL, and UI point-and-click tools for marketers that all integrate quickly with your current ecosystem.

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Personalize in real-time

Build real-time one-to-one personalization, data streaming, and real-time customer experiences integrated into your marketing cloud, customer care, and CX platforms, with total flexibility to make future changes.

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Measure to improve

Our unified view of the customer and flexible integrations with Analytics tools and make it easy for analysts and marketers to coordinate, measure, and adjust for constant improvement on customer experiences.

"Everything we do revolves around improving our runners’ experience, and that means leveraging customer data in every interaction. At a technical level, that means having our CDP and CRM systems work in lockstep. When a runner contacts us with a question or an issue, the additional customer data now available enables the Brooks team to serve them even faster."

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Mark McKelvey VP Technology, Brooks Running

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