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Amperity works with your existing tech stack


Data cloud integrations

Amperity has current integrations with all of the major cloud providers. Stand up a Customer 360 using the data cloud technology you've got in place - from AWS to Azure, Google Cloud or Snowflake. Our technology works with the ecosystem you've chosen.

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Marketing cloud integrations

Amperity’s unique and more accurate approach to identity resolution combined with our “bring us all your messy data” approach to Customer 360 means we make your marketing cloud work better than ever.

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Ad tech integrations

Amperity believes that you have no more powerful asset than your own first party customer data. We will help you put it to action with our growing partnerships in the world of ad tech.

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BI integrations

One of the strongest use cases of a golden customer record is business reporting. Amperity makes this easier than ever through integrations with top business intelligence platforms.

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Looking for an integration you don’t see here?

Amperity is adding more connectors every day.

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“If I told you how much better our Facebook and display advertising campaigns performed once we began to incorporate predictive models from Amperity into our audience targeting, you simply would not believe me.”

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Ben Hemphill Global SVP Marketing, Crocs

Data access across the organization


Point and click tools for marketers


SQL query access for technical users

Robust cross-organization collaboration


Marketing use cases

Learn how Endeavor Group used Amperity to reduce the lead time behind developing targeted campaigns to 50+ audiences.

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IT use cases

Learn how Brooks Running used Amperity to speed up an in-house customer data initiative and find value quickly.

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Analytics & data science use cases

Learn how First Hawaiian Bank uses Amperity to “invest in curiosity”.

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Strategy & finance use cases

Learn how Amperity customers Alaska Airlines and Dick’s Sporting Goods use their CDP to drive strategic and financial decisions.

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