Resolve and unlock customer data on AWS, faster

Amperity is an industry-leading enterprise customer data platform that is built from the ground up to focus on identity resolution and creating a persistent key for every customer. With Amperity you can retire as much as 80% of TCV on a typical $1-3M Amperity deal and generate 2.5X more in AWS revenue.

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"As an AWS partner, Amperity can leverage data to innovate at a faster clip across customer touchpoints to help Travel and Hospitality companies build what’s next.”

Amperity & AWS Partner Talk

Hear from AWS and Amperity GTM Leaders on the value of our partnership and the business value Amperity drives for AWS services and AWS sellers.

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Skift Report with Amperity & AWS

This report is designed to give professionals in the travel industry the knowledge to gain a full, 360-degree picture of travelers who pass through their ecosystems.

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Hear from Amperity's Marina Klusas, SVP, Global Partnerships & Rachel Mushahwar, Channel & Partner Chief at AWS.

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