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To turn complex customer data into business success, a CDP requires three core attributes:

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Accurate and trusted customer profiles

You can’t do much business if you can’t find customers (or call them by the wrong name). Your CDP sorts through all the information that you have to produce a unified profile you can trust.

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Built for access for the teams that need it

Your CDP delivers customer data to everyone in the way that’s most useful. Marketers get easy point-and-click interfaces. Technical users get SQL interfaces. Nobody sees personal information that they shouldn’t.

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Connected to fuel any tool in your existing (and future) stack

Everybody needs their own tools. Your stores have their legacy POS systems. Marketing is trying a new social video platform. But they all interact with the same customers. Your CDP should automatically get the right information to where it’s needed, easily plug into your tech stack, and adapt to the needs of each department.

CDP, defined simply

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) gathers a comprehensive collection of customer data (online, offline, and behavioral data) and resolves it into the best unified view that allows brands to know their customers and fuel the type of personalized experiences that grow retention, power acquisition, and improve return on investment.


First-party data is your most valuable asset. A CDP maximizes its potential.

First-party data is the new business currency for consumer brands as third-party data becomes more expensive and less reliable. First-party data not only fuels marketing and advertising — it also powers analytics, customer care, data science, etc. Using it, brands can confidently understand and improve Lifetime Value, Acquisition Costs, Loyalty, and Return on Ad Spend.

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Marketing Technology Stack
Find the right fit for your stack

A CDP should enhance your Marketing Tech Stack — not complicate it

Your customers’ journeys have many touch points—brick-and-mortar stores, social media, email, customer service, partnerships—and the technology to support all of those needs to come together in a versatile and resilient stack. Your CDP is the glue that binds the stack together, ensures data is consistent, and adapts as you upgrade to new technologies.

Dive deeper into our latest CDP resources

Gain a deeper understanding of CDPs and their intricate capabilities. Our resources provide the knowledge you need to harness CDPs for your business.

"Amperity plays well with a lot of our existing systems & vendors... we’ve experienced a level of consistency that we had not previously had with other CDP vendors.”

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Owned data = Ultimate Control

Customer data is something you should own and control, not rent

Why are you paying third-party data companies and onboarders for the ability to communicate with your own customers? It’s wasteful, and also increasingly difficult as privacy concerns grow. Your customers have already told you a lot about themselves. Your CDP is how you listen, remember, and put that information to use in a way they appreciate.

“R” is for ROI and RFP

"R" is for ROI, the ultimate driver of growth. Experience boosted lifetime value, improved acquisition, and measurable results that propel your business forward. Your CDP can calculate the return from every campaign and the lifetime value of every customer, so that every dollar you spend has the greatest impact.

RFP – your request for proposals – is where your CDP search starts, and we’ve prepared a guide and a turnkey template to make the process easier. Identify and understand the precise benefits that a CDP can bring to your business, ensuring the right match for your needs.

Starting with your RFP until you start seeing ROI, you’re now on the journey to engage customers like never before, and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.

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Above industry average open rates at Servco
Increased ROAS at Brooks Running
Increased conversion rate at Alaska Airlines
Decrease in media costs at Wyndham

That's what a CDP can provide — If your data is clean, there's so much that you can learn, there's so much value that you can not only gain from what the data is telling you, but also what models can do to predict what customers will do in the future. And the ability to take advantage of that and leverage it can really help your bottom line.

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Zen is achieving true and lasting confidence in your customer data

Remove the frustration of constantly moving and reconciling information between incompatible systems. And the fear that you won’t make your numbers because you can’t accurately match the right offer to the right customers. Let your CDP be your guide and show you the path to simplicity and fulfillment. Your data is where it should be. Your systems cooperate. Your customers are delighted.