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A Customer Data Platform built for the needs of the enterprise

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AI-Powered customer identity resolution & management

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Unified customer profiles, role-based accessibility

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The hub for customer intelligence & activation

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Connected customer data infrastructure

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Learn how a comprehensive approach to a customer data platform drives the best outcomes for customers, employees and brands.

"Amperity does everything that it says it does — it's fast, it's flexible, and it's very powerful."

Danielle Harvey VP, Digital & Customer Intelligence

Amperity is a CDP unlike any other. Here’s how we’re different

Patented, AI-driven Customer 360

Our approach makes sense of messy data and lets you put it to work, fast

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Built for collaboration

A CDP for the entire organization, no matter who needs to use it or what tools need to be connected

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Enterprise-grade solutions

Speed, scale, and security to handle the largest datasets easily while respecting user privacy

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Industry-leading value & guidance

Our expert teams work with you to get up to 10X return on your investment

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Embrace the Inherent Messiness of Customer Data

Learn how to stop fighting against your messy data and start working with it to see massive improvements in overall business health, employee productivity, and customer experience. 

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Hundreds of integrations to the systems you rely on

Amperity connects seamlessly with the leading tools for marketing, analytics, customer service, and data management, pulling data in and pushing customer profiles out to wherever they need to be for the systems you rely on. 

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