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Using Customer Data Across the Enterprise

The potential when every team is using customer data, the challenges that can get in the way, and the capabilities that make it possible.

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How to Supercharge Your Loyalty Program

Amperity & AWS discuss how the next wave of innovation will fuel a customer-centric transformation for travel, hospitality, & quick-serve brands.

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Unlocking the Power of First-Party Data

Learn how to end reliance on third-party data vendors and get better returns from the customer data you already own.

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Leveling Up Your Loyalty Program with a Customer Data Platform

Expand and evolve your loyalty marketing program by making the most of your customer data.

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Jun 28

Maximizing ROAS Today: Unleash the Power of Owned Audiences in Paid Media

How marketers can overcome the obstacles of data deprecation and get real value from first-party data.

International Airline Brand

Case Study

Building Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Learn how a major North-American airline built long-term customer loyalty with Amperity.

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The Economics of Your First-Party Data Activation

Karilyn Anderson of SPARC Group joined us for a conversation on best practices for activating first-party data.

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Third-Party Ad Tech is Dead: How to Build for the First-Party Future

Learn how to get the most value from first-party data and minimize the impact of data depreciation.



Jun 21

CDP A to Z: How to Pick the Right CDP For Your Brand

In this webinar, we'll dive into the world of CDPs and explore the key factors to consider when choosing the right CDP for your brand. 

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The Marketer's Journey: How to Target the Right Audience by Unifying Customer Data

Amperity CMO Megan McDonagh was interviewed on The Marketer's Journey podcast.

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DM Radio: Data Platforms Evolve

On this episode of DM Radio, Eric Kavanaugh interviews Chris Jones about how the modern data platform enables better experiences.

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In Focus: Customer Data Platforms

On this episode of Infocus, Kari McKeever interviews Amperity’s CCO Dan Milgrom and Rob Harvath, VP, Consumer Insights & Data Management at Citizen Watch.

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The Agile Brand Podcast: When Customer Data Benefits Customers, Employees, and the Business

On this episode of The Agile Brand, Greg Khilstrom interviews Barry Padgett, to discuss how brands can make the most of their data.