Use Cases

Paid Media Optimization

By using existing customer data, you can make more efficient use of media budgets by targeting the people are likely to be in your high value audiences.

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Paid Media Ecosystem

Amperity offers brands a modern and secure way to activate their first-party data in the changing advertising ecosystem.

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Manage upcoming third-party cookie deprecation

In a post-third-party cookie world, use first-party data to build a walled garden

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Enterprise personalization at scale

Real-time, one-to-one personalization now

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Supercharging Your Customer Care

Learn how Amperity can be used to create the most engaging customer care programs for your business

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Reduce Customer Churn

Give customers a reason to come back before they go somewhere else.

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Customer 360 - A Single Place For All Your Customer Data

The most complete, trusted Customer 360.

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Unleash best-in-class identity resolution

Amperity delivers complete, unified customer profiles with unparalleled accuracy and accessibility.

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Elevating Loyalty

Leading companies use Amperity to elevate their loyalty programs. Here's how.

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Enterprise Conversion Rate Optimization Solutions

Amperity lets you learn more about your existing customers to find patterns to acquire new ones. Here's how.

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Grow e-commerce business through customer lens

Foster loyalty with your best customers, reduce churn, and turn anonymous traffic into sales

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Analytics & Reporting

Analytics leaders rely on Amperity for AI-powered insights into the “what” and “why” of customer behavior

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Solutions for Compliance

Compliance teams use Amperity to keep their most valuable asset safe and secure at every stage of use

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Solutions for Marketing

Access to rich customer insights and segmentation allows marketers to grow brands like never before

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Solutions for IT

IT teams use Amperity to build a customer data infrastructure that makes the rest of the business run

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Solutions for Travel and Hospitality

Amperity helps travel & hospitality brands unlock inaccessible customer data that’s trapped in a slew of systems and lines of business

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Solutions for Financial Services

Amperity helps financial brands unify and enrich fragmented customer data scattered across legacy systems and business divisions.

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Solutions for Retail

Amperity helps retail brands produce dramatic results by building lasting, relevant relationships with their customers.

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Solutions for Restaurants

Leading restaurant brands rely on Amperity for a best-in-class data foundation that allows them to unlock the value of their customer data

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"Our day-to-day has changed dramatically since implementing Amperity. It's made it much easier to be data-driven in everything we do. Within a month of implementation, we had 90% of our digital media dollars deployed against Amperity audiences. And in some campaigns we saw double-digit increases in ROAS, click-through rate, and conversion rate."

Danielle Harvey, (Fmr.) VP of Digital and Customer Intelligence

Amperity delivers 993% ROI over 3 years - Forrester

Amperity customers, on average, experienced a 993% return on investment. This was the result of increased revenue from Amperity-powered use cases and efficiency gains from Amperity’s more powerful data management

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Complete & accurate data delivers outsized returns