Connect Your Customer Data with Amperity

Connect Your Customer Data with Amperity

Marketing Analytics Customer Experience Data Management


Unlock Your Data and Unleash Your Marketing

Get direct access to rich, connected customer profiles. Fuel your existing tools and campaigns with complete data. Bring your best marketing ideas to life.

Case Study: Drive revenue with better personalization

Consumer brand uses Amperity to launch personalized, omni-channel campaigns based on longitudinal customer behaviors, increasing campaign revenue by 13%.

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Ad Targeting

Improve ROAS with unified customer data

Email personalization

Improve personalization with richer data

Site performance

Improve conversion rates using complete customer profiles


Get Access to the Unified Data You Need

Spend your time using customer data not wrangling it. Know your customers on a personal level. Drive the strategic decisions you need to grow the business.

Case Study: Mechanics of a successful acquisition

Large consumer brand uses Amperity to accurately resolve customer identities and merge loyalty databases, for a 2.3X improvement in match rates over conventional approaches.

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Connect the dots from ads to purchases


Fuel models with rich, connected data

Product Research

Use customer data to drive product development

“Fridays pulls in data from point-of-sales systems, social media, credit card transactions and mobile devices, and analyzes it to create personalized campaigns for the pool of more than 4 million guests who have given Fridays permission to contact them directly... Technology from Amperity Inc. helps stitch disparate data together, and internal AI tools parse that data to generate personalized messages for customers. As more data about a customer comes in, the more targeted those messages can be.”

Sherif Mityas
Chief Experience Officer, TGI Fridays


Reinvent the Customer Experience

Get the rich customer profiles you’ve always wanted - at your fingertips. Access individual customer data through any clienteling app or API.

Case Study: Building long-term customer loyalty

Top airline uses Amperity to build rich customer profiles that then fuel personalized and targeted campaigns, building long-term loyalty and driving a 198% increase in conversions.

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Use customer profiles for 1:1 service

In-store CX

Infuse personalization into every interaction


Send unified data to all your touchpoints


Rapidly Take Control of All Your Customer Data

Simplify data management and build a comprehensive, flexible 360 customer view in weeks, saving technical teams from endless integration projects

Privacy: Build Consumer Trust and Accelerate Compliance

Ensure timely discovery for audit requests and suppress individuals across all systems and channels for “right to be forgotten”. Power meaningful personalization and segmentation, so every touch is one your customers are delighted to receive.

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Keep data safe with government-grade security

Audit & Compliance

Easier audit and compliance with CCPA, GDPR and other privacy laws


Optimize campaigns with physical, digital, and custom households

Unlock Your Customer Data