Customer Data helps Kris K. Sleigh the Holidays

Kris K., CEO of a major international gift distribution enterprise, has worked with Amperity for years, but he’s always preferred to keep his centuries-old business shrouded in secrecy. This holiday season, he finally agreed to share his experience using customer data to make magic.

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Accelerated delivery of presents

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Increase in gift satisfaction rates

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Cost savings in magic fuel and reindeer food

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Improvement in list-making speed

The challenge

Kris K. had billions of customer records to keep track of, but had trouble forming an accurate or complete view of his customers and their households. His team also had no way to stay on top of changes in customers’ lives — for example, a change of address, a new married name, or if their status had shifted from nice to naughty, or naughty to nice. 

This made it difficult for Kris to provide his customers with the presents they wanted, or to even know if they were eligible to receive this year’s gifts.

The solution

Amperity’s AI-powered, multi-patented identity resolution technology helps Kris cut back on list-making time significantly, giving his team the opportunity to focus efforts on improving their products, while a Customer 360 gives him a complete view of his customers, allowing him to personalize service and drive increased rates of holiday joy.

The complete view of the customer combined with Amperity’s state-of-the art predictive analytics allows Kris to anticipate what his customers want, sending gift satisfaction rates soaring.   

“Using Amperity has brought both efficiency and joy into my business — it helps me figure out what my customers want, and I don't have to check every single list twice! Which gives me more time to do the things I love: work on new toys and eat cookies…”

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